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2020 Dragon Ball Super Special Anniversary Booster Box – Random Art

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2020 Dragon Ball Super Special Anniversary Booster Box – Random Art

  • This year’s Special Anniversary box goes beyond 9000!  35 new cards to power up decks from pervious Dragon Ball Super Series!
  • Popular cards from older sets are back in Alt Art designs! Such as Toppo Righteous Aid, Ultra Instinct Son Goku the Unstoppable, Uub Symbol of Hope, Planet Vegeta, Champa and Beerus, and much more. 
  • Cards from Dragon Brawl, and other popular cards that are essential in battles are included in Alt Art designs!  Fighters will definitely want to get there hands on this Anvniversary set!  4 new designs for Sleeves and Storage boxes to collect.
  • Special Anniversary Set 2020 contains 35 new cards x 2 = 70 cards total included Special Anniversary Booster Pack 2020 x 2 (Includes 5 random cards per pack) Vault Power Up Pack 2020 x 4 (20 alt-art reprints)(4 random cards per pack) 1 pack of sleeves (66 pcs) (4 designs to collect) 1 Storage box (4 designs to collect). This listing is for one random Dragon Ball Super Special Anniversary Box.
  • Release Date: August 7, 2020